Lightbox I designed for TRENDnet for a client in Indonesia.

TV-IP252P Packaging
Packaging I photographed, edited and designed for TRENDnet.

IPCamera Ad
IP Camera magazine ad I photographed, edited, and designed for TRENDnet for a client in Malaysia.

N900performance flyer
For TRENDnet I created this ad for a magazine of the router N900.

TE100-ECFXL Packaging
I designed this packaging for TRENDnet.

GREENnet ad
This GREENnet magazine ad I developed for TRENDnet for a customer in Thailand.

Java Base ad
I developed this brand identity for a cafe that attracts computer-savvy customers. I designed the logo, a set of labels and a newspaper ad.

Shopping bag
I created a bikini shops identity for a school project. I developed a type treatment for the company name.