A photo I took and edited of TEW-680MB N900 Dual Band Wireless Media Bridge for TRENDnet. I added the lights to simulate it working.

A marketing kit I positioned, photographed, and edited for TRENDnet.

A group photograph I took of dignitaries visiting TRENDnet.

This photo I took for TRENnet of the TV-IP262P PoE Dome Internet Camera.

This photo I took of a package and edited for TRENDnet.

This photo I took of the President of TRENDnet and the Minister of Economy of Taiwan signing a Letter of Intent.

This photo I took of wine bottles with the TRENDnet logo on the label, I edited for the Vice President of TRENDnet.

Wine bottles I designed the label for and photographed for a school project. The theme is a flower reflecting the wine type.