Master’s degree in Strategic Design!

I haven’t posted in a while, almost a year. I have been very busy with my projects and working on my thesis. The topic was Art Education with Autistic Children. It was a great experience working with the kids and teachers on this project and I created a tool for them to use to help cope with sensory overload by using design thinking. My graduation is this Saturday and I am very excited! I am working on putting everything together in a portfolio and updating my resume. The next step is to find a job in Berlin! 😀

Spring Semester

For my spring semester, our Innovation Project class’s task was to create a brand identity for an autonomous car sharing service company. Our team developed a brand identity with essence and values and a visual identity. Our brand identity wheel reflects our brand core with 3 values and 3 words describing each value with visual representations. It is depicted in this identity wheel.


We researched and decided on eddie as the name, something familiar and to make the user feel safe using an unfamiliar service, like autonomous vehicles. We designed a logo reflecting the essence and values and a vibrant color scheme. The curve represents our brand essence, harmony, like a music wave. The letters merge together reflecting the seamless value of our brand. We chose a bright turquoise showing our value: vibrant. We used a blue grey as a second color so the turquoise would stand out. The “i” signifies someone being carried. We have an open space on the “d” to make it legible.


Our visual identity then led us to our invitation card, complementing our identity and logo.


semester end

My semester is almost over, 3 weeks left. Its been a lot of work but rewarding. My favorite project is for Integrated Identity Project class. Our task was to choose a TV character and develop a brand around him. Of course I choose Daryl Dixon, from my favorite show The Walking Dead. And the product I get is whiskey. PERFECT! I develop a backstory, mission, vision and values statements. And a logo. I recently went on the Walker Stalker Cruise where I met, got a photo with, and an autograph with my actor, Norman Reedus:


Product packaging and letterhead are still in the works. I’m having a lot of fun designing all of it. It helps when the product and subject is something you like.

Summer ist vorbei

I haven’t posted in a while. A lot going on. I’ve been learning German still and went to several festivals. I start University next month for my Master’s at design akademie Berlin. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve made some art, drawing and using my 3D Pen, the three doodler. it’s fun. Here are a couple pics.

2015-09-06 20.33.15


Brandenburger Tor


I’ve been taking online classes since 2015 started and working with Creative Suite CC and Lightroom. Here is a link to the new features in Photoshop: Ãœberblick über neue Photoshop Funktionen
I’ve been reading and using programs in German. I am very intuitive and think I’m doing well.

I tried Ruby on Rails and coding is just not for me. I’m more visual and am drawn more to photography and graphics and drawing. I’ve also tried UX design and making apps. It is a hard field to get into. I think sticking to what I’m best at and fine tuning those skills is best.

I’m looking into getting a camera here. Hope to get some freelance photo gigs. I found this Nikon online that I think is best for me: Nikon D3200 SLR-Digitalkamera. I’ve had bad luck with Canon and want to give Nikon a shot. haha, little pun. I’ve looked in the stores too and Media Markt had the best deals and store vibe. I liked the employees there too. very helpful. 🙂 Saturn was a lot noisier and crazy beeps going off!
But the tripod and camera bag selection was diverse at Saturn.

The weather has been nice. The winter here seemed not so grey this year and am looking forward to spring and summer. March is almost here. I’ve also been reading a lot of photo and graphics blogs, networking in facebook and LinkedIn. I plan to go to some networking events that strike me soon. I know its tough here and competition is fierce. There are so many people in Berlin and so many immigrating here. I saw a statistic that last year, over 45,000 people move to Berlin. It gets crowded out in public and I do my best and work hard to deal with it and be strong. I still look for steady work. With all the immigrants coming, I hope the market is diverse and open minded to hiring me. Best to all!

German Graphic Design

Here are links to German Graphic Design that I found inspirational:

The Pixelz: is a Design Agency based in Cologne. Their samples have a nice fluid layout and good font choices. I like the logos because the fonts are interesting and unique and the logos stand out, even in black and white. I also though the Vogue Germany Ad Campaign had Fonts and size differences and placement that grabbed your attention.

A second site is Dexigner: a designer directory where you can select different specialties and regions. I thought this was interesting to compare design in different countries. The different designers and agencies are inspiring. I like the minimalism of SV Associates. It has a Bauhaus feel to it, with Helvetica and the text rotated to fit in the negative spaces of the images. Their designs have a nice, clean grid layout.
The colors and patterns attracted me to Agathon Design. They are based in Penzberg, Germany. Their site is simple and easy to navigate. I like the use of white space. Their portfolio work is very impressive.

The third site that intrigued me was It’s Nice That. They are based in London, but had an interesting article on German magazine design. The layout is very impressive. The image and font placement is unique and intriguing.



I finished B2 level in German. I will continue practicing and reviewing material. I am still looking for work here and have been drawing and made a layout for a painting. I will start painting and making more art soon. Berlin and Germany inspire me artistically. I love the autumn colors and architecture here. I will start coming up with some of my own designs to add to my website. I think it is overdue for some new work. I like the new Mac Operating System, Yosemite, and I updated itunes, move and all the mac programs. It has a nice design, but I notice it is a bit slower. Here is some inspirational work for you to check out:

This Student Designs Jewelry That Turns Your Veins Into A Power Source

Jason Freeny

I have also found a lot of inspirational artists on Ello.

autumn steam

And here is a link to photos I recently took.







Brandenburger Tor




Antonio Mora


Things are going well this summer in Berlin. The weather is a lot cooler than last year and there is more rain during the summer. It even hailed yesterday morning. I finish my B2 German class at the end of August and take then take the test for the Goethe Certificate. I have been studying so much. Emerging myself in the language. Yesterday I went back over my books from A1 and A2. So boring, I have that down. Today I will review my books on B1 and return to B2. There is so much new vocabulary in B2. In the articles, every word is a new one. Eventually I’ll learn all the words. How many words can be in one language! haha

I was accepted into the design akademie berlin Masters Program for Strategic Design. I am very excited and hope I can make it happen. Financial aid from the States is not possible, the school is not on the list of approved school. So this week I’ll talk to Deutsche Bank and Sparkasse. The program and school look so good. And I think after two years, I could get a real job her and my German will be awesome!

Here is an interesting article I came across about artists’ daily schedules:
The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People Most of the creatives sleep a lot, like me. And devote most of their time to their creativity. I have put mine on the back burner with learning German. It has taken up the majority of my time. After this test I plan to make some art. Maybe soon, I will take a break from the German and draw.

And the second info graphic about early risers and late night workers was fascinating. I tend to be an early riser and do my best work in the morning. If i do work late at night I sleep a little during the day.

And this article showing Antonio Mora's work was captivating. In Photography class, I would combine 2 photos with double exposure with the old 35mm camera. The way Antonio Mora combines the photos is unique, the two photos meld together harmoniously. The photo of the face and the roller coaster is my favorite.


I start B2 Level German next week. I am looking forward to it. I’ve had 2 weeks off here to apply to jobs and practice German. I have also been practicing the Adobe Creative Suite CC in German. I am picking up the translations quickly. In 3 months I will take the B2 level German test. The practice test doesn’t look that difficult.

I went to the Deutsches Historisches Museum last week. I didn’t have enough time. Never enough time to see everything in a Museum. It was so big and started from the beginning of German History. There were also two photography exhibits and a WWI exhibit opening this week. It was interesting to see how the borders changed over the years. There was a nice 3D map that changed. I really like the sketches of Albrect Drürer and the clothes of the 1800s. The exhibit TARGET was interesting and sad. Photos of soldiers and targets of war.


Art and German

Last week I visited Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Hannover. I went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It was very inspiring and amazing. There were so many pieces of his work. My favourite is Café Terrace at Night. An exhibit of Félix Vallotton’s work was up too. I really liked his prints. Most of his work is black and white illustrations. The subject matter and the layouts were really fascinating.

In Hannover I went to Herrenhäuser Park. It was so breathtaking, the gardens, the statues and the fountains. And Schloss Herrenhäuser was gorgeous. I also went to Berggarten-Spaziergang. It was so beautiful, There was a quiet Moor and so many beautiful flowers and plants. It was so peaceful and relaxing walking through it. In Hamburg, Altstadt is quite quaint and charming to walk through and have a drink.

In Hamburg, I went to the Planten un Blomen Park. The paths were nice and seemed never-ending. There were nice ponds and beautiful pathways and plants. I also went to Ohlsdorf Cemetery, the largest cemetery in the world. The sculptures on the graves were beautiful. When I went it was raining a bit. It was nice and peaceful to walk through with my umbrella. I visited the Firemen Memorial and the WWI and WWII graves. It was so much more like a giant park than a Cemetery. You can really get lost in there and forget about the whole world outside. There are beautiful ponds and trails and the mausoleums were great. I took a lot of nice pictures and am really inspired to make some art. This next week I am off from my Deutschkurs. I am Level B1.2 now. I plan on going on to B2 and getting a certificate in B2. This next week I plan to study German, make some amazing art and apply to jobs. I am available for any art and design work!